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Fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) or chief revenue officer (CRO) leading a revenue team.

Free Audit

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. If you are serious, and are a qualified software company (that is, you are B2B SaaS with existing sales traction) — I’d be more than happy to conduct a free revenue audit to identify opportunities to help you grow your company faster.

Your revenue audit includes:

Customer / Prospect Review

I’ll interview up to 5 current customers, lost opportunities, prospects, or market participants to better understand how you fit into their daily business (additional incentive charges may apply for market participants).

Competitor Review

I’ll review up to 5 of your competitors to better understand how they view you, themselves, and how they view the market.

Revenue Generation Review

I’ll conduct a quick assessment of how revenue is generated in your market.