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market better and sell more.



The problem with slow growth and unpredictable revenues.

Slow growth and unpredictable revenues feed worry and fear. Worry that something isn't quite right. Fear that your company won't survive. They lead to sleepless nights stressing about cashflow, payroll, and employee morale.

What can you expect when you market better and sell more?


Accelerated Growth

When you have your marketing and sales teams dialed in, you can grow on demand. You'll know what levers to pull and what buttons to push. You'll know how to get $2 out of every dollar you invest into your business.


Amazing Culture

Have you ever noticed that companies that are predictably growing, rarely have culture issues? Take a look at the fastest growing company lists - they usually are the same as the best culture lists. There's a reason.


Increased Profits

Knowing how to profitably grow means increased company valuation. That means greater access to growth capital or exit capital. It means being in control and calling the shots. It means working on your terms.

About Chad Perry

Chad Perry is the founder and principal of Chad D. Perry Consulting. He’s been a contributing writer for Inc. and TechCrunch, as well as earning media coverage in Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, Newsweek and ReadWrite.

As a senior sales and marketing leader he has $1 billion in revenue credit to his name. His average company sales improvement is 3X during his tenure at any one company. He has worked with 11 of the Fortune 50, and 3 of the Top 5 Broadcast and Cable Networks.

Chad has developed the RevenueMechanics™ framework to help CEOs align sales and marketing teams on the same, right page.


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How to get started:

Step 1: Free Consultation

We'll start with a free consultation session. During this session we'll discuss your biggest revenue challenges (marketing and sales). You'll walk away with actionable strategies (whether we work together or not).


Step 2: Limited Engagement

We'll choose a limited project with big gains, and low investment to start out with. This will be our testing ground for working with one another. Only after a successful limited engagement, will we look at long term projects.


Step 3: Guaranteed Results

No matter which project phase we're in -- limited or long term -- your success is guaranteed. If you don't achieve at least a 2x return on investment, we'll keep working (at not additional charge) until you do.