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I help software CEOs and executives stop struggling and start predictably growing their companies.

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Hi! I'm Revenue Strategist Chad Perry.

For 20+ years I’ve been helping software companies scale and increase their revenues. With over $1 billion in software sales credit to my name, I’ve learned what works… and what doesn’t.

Most of the time, CEOs and executives make marketing and sales too difficult. It doesn’t have to be!

When you insanely focus on your customer, you’ll find scaling your company becomes effortless.

So if you’re ready to stop struggling and start growing your software company, let’s get started.

What's Your Biggest challenge Right now?

Fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) leading a marketing team.

Creating Marketing That Works

You've got some marketing traction and positioning, but it seems hit or miss.
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Fractional chief revenue officer (CRO) leading a sales team.

Generating Consistent Sales

You’re making some sales, but they are not predictable or scalable.
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