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Chad Perry has 20+ years as a software marketing and sales executive.

20+ Year Track Record

Draw upon 20+ years of executive marketing and sales leadership.
Chad Perry has over $1 billion in software revenue credit to his name.

$1 Billion Closed Revenue

Benefit from over $1 billion in software and SaaS subscription sales.
Chad Perry has developed a repeatable revenue framework that can by used by any B2B software company.

Repeatable Framework

Tap into a repeatable framework you can use to grow faster.

Growing your company starts today ➞

It’s not easy getting noticed.

It’s difficult getting attention in a crowded marketplace. You might think that your software company should stand out based on its technical merits alone. Or that it would stand out more if you had better marketing and sales programs. 

But the truth of the matter is you need all three working together seamlessly for it to happen. And when they do… it makes everything else easier!

You’re halfway there!

The good news is you have a product that’s shipping. That's half the battle! There are so many entrepreneurs who never make it this far.

So what steps do you take next?

First, figure out what to say to the market. It's difficult to explain your solution in a way that prospects understand. Clarity will speed things up, while confusion slows down the conversation and leaves prospects feeling like you’re not listening or care about what’s happening with their business.

Next, determine how to say it
. It’s not just what you say when explaining your product. It’s how YOU communicate that makes software buyers sign on the dotted line! That is true for marketing teams and sales teams alike.

Finally, learn where to reach your market
. If you want to get traction, then it’s time for a reality check. 

You need to get your pitch right and learn where your market of potential customers is. No matter how great your technology is, you will never succeed if you are not reaching your target audience.

Let's get to work ➞

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Chad D Perry Consulting (CDP Consulting) specializes in business strategy consulting.
Business Strategy
Chad D Perry Consulting (CDP Consulting) specializes in marketing strategy consulting.
Marketing Strategy
Chad D Perry Consulting (CDP Consulting) specializes in sales strategy consulting.
Sales Strategy

About Chad D. Perry

Chad Perry is the founder and principal of Chad D. Perry Consulting, LLC. He holds an MBA and has been a contributing writer for Inc. and TechCrunch, as well as earning media coverage in Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, Newsweek and ReadWrite.

As a senior sales and marketing leader he has $1 billion in revenue credit to his name. His average company sales improvement is 3X during his tenure at any one company. He has worked with 11 of the Fortune 50, and 3 of the Top 5 Broadcast and Cable Networks.

Chad has developed the RevenueMechanics™ framework to help CEOs align sales and marketing teams on the same, right page.

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